Five Cows

16 x 34" Oil on Gessoboard

I had to paint these cows but oh my, those expressions...
So i did my best and it worked out fairly well, but it
felt like they were judging me. lol.
(The one on the far right is like, "Who are those guys
and why are they in my field...?")


18 x 24"  Acrylic on canvas   - Private Collection

The real color on the painting is more vibrant than
this photo, I love the naturally bright coral color of the
Quince bush, with the dark, almost black branches.
Hope the painting did it some justice. Shown @ the
FlightPath Coffee House on 51st & Duval, 5/30-7/1/'15.

Leaving the Coast

16 x 20"  Oil on plastic canvas -  Private Collection

With darkness fast approaching I caught a cool
photo of this high contrast scene behind me.
Leaving the SE  Texas coast from Mustang Island.

Stevie Ray

48 x 30" ~ Acrylic on Double Supported Canvas
Property of the Artist
My rendition of Stevie Ray in concert.  Painted as an
experiment, as most of my work is, but with a definite
vision of the finished piece.  The color here is not 100%
accurate, jeez I need to figure out how to use this
camera! but gives a decent idea of the appearance.