Gathering in Fantasy Forest

21 x 29" Watercolor
Using my imagination.

Class Demo Sunset

30 x 40"  Acrylic Tempera on board, Private Collection

This is a painting of central Arkansas' delta painted as a
demo for my high school students there.

Carp Study

11 x 15" Watercolor             Property of the Artist

F4 Phantom

8.5 x 11" Pencil
A drawing of an aircraft at Camp Mabry, Austin.

F86 Sabre

8.5 x 11" Pencil
This drawing is of an aircraft at Camp Mabry.

Flowers on Trenton

9 x 12" Watercolor on Strathmore.
Trenton Avenue, Pgh. PA. (One of
my fixer uppers!)

Still Life Fruit Study

9 x 12 Watercolor

Water Street

9 x 12" Pen and Watercolor
West Newton, PA.

Nine Mile Run Falls

12 x 18" Watercolor
Edgewood watershed, Pittsburgh PA

Old Sycamore

x 12" Pencil Drawing
My favorite walking street in Edgewood, PA.

Impatiens Bouquet

12 x 18 Watercolor

Quick Sketch 1001

5 x 7 Pencil Drawing
Preparing for a Painting

Barton Creek Afternoon

8 x 10" Oil on panel
Resting during a Barton Creek hike.