McKinney Falls Park

8 x 10" Oil
A  paint-out with the gang at McKinney Falls Park 
with its many scenic vistas & waterways.

On Bridges' Ranch

8 x 10" Oil on panel
This painting was of a back field
on Bridges' Ranch just before a rain.

Mandola Estates Winery

8 x 10" Oil on panel
This is a painting of the Mandola Estate
Winery on a sunny morning.....another
painting from the Ron Rencher Oil
Painting workshop.

Morning on Michaelis' Ranch

8 x 10 Oil
A return visit to the scenic Michaelis Ranch for
a workshop by Ron Rencher = a wonderful day
and a super teacher and painter. My first outdoor
painting workshop revealed great insight into this
sometimes elusive endeavor. A gratifying

Rolling Stream

8 x 10 Oil
A rolling stream in the hill country west of
Austin. I've been too busy to post much lately,
and experimenting with a different approach at
the same time. Things are starting to green up
here, one of my favorite times to catch the
subtle tones of the changes.

Michaelis' Ranch Study II

8 x 10 Oil on Panel
This painting depicts another view of the
Michaelis Ranch. Brings back thoughts of the
barn and shanties of my grandparents that
housed the cows, chickens, roosters and ducks.
Childhood play, simple memories. This morning
the weather was a bit overcast, but the calm and
quiet seemed to stretch for miles.

Marble Falls Riverview

18 x 24"  Oil on canvas             Sold

Vase and Fruit

8 x 10 Oil
Painting still life is a change from my
usual. This was an experiment of sorts,
something different to focus on. Haven't
posted the last few days as I've been at
my first Plein Air event, quite an

Brush and Mesa

11 x 14" Oil on panel
Northern New Mexico.

Lake Travis Afternoon

11 x 14" Oil on panel
Lake Travis, Lakeway, TX. 

In and Through

8 x 10" Oil on panel
Another little painting from the Michaelis' Ranch
series. Abstracted shapes and stark atmosphere
depict a bit of everyday farm life.



8 x 10" Oil on panel
This is a little painting from Michaelis' Ranch, 
a beautiful working farm with interesting 
vignettes all around.  Thanks to Plein Air 
Austin's paint-outs!

Galveston Bay

8 x 10 Oil on panel
This scene at dusk - on a very quiet evening in Galveston.

Capitol View


8 x 10" Oil on panel
The capitol rotunda seen from the UT 
Tower platform.

Laguna Gloria Grounds

8 x 10" Oil on panel
The path along the lagoon of Laguna Gloria 
Art Museum on a sunlit morning. Basically a 
value study contrasting light with shadow.

Morning Apache Shores

8 x 10" Oil on panel         NFS
Apache Shores on a bright summer
morning - P.A.A. Paint-out.

Morning Mist

12 x 24" Oil      Sold
Landscape scene in the early morning hours ~ along
Rte. 290 in East Texas. This painting won Honorable
Mention at the Annual Columbus Art Center Exhibition.

Rio Grande, Manzano Mts

16 x 20 Oil
The Rio Grande is breathtaking as it sprawls and
meanders along.

Tennessee Thaw

8" x 10" Oil on panel                    Sold
A cold December morning in south Tennessee
with the lingering snow.

Great Outdoors Garden Tent

8 x 10" Graphite, Pastel, Oil crayon

Another 'Sketchcrawl' work of one of the
many beautiful spaces on South Congress, Austin.

Ruta Maya Coffeehouse, Robin & Robert


9x 12" Sketchpad, graphite, watercolor pencil, wash
"World-wide Sketchcrawl", Austin Edition.
Painted via Saturday's Annual Sketchcrawl,
January 10, a very cool idea and enjoyable event.