This Christmas

5 x 7"  Oil on Panel   Private Collection

Congress Avenue Rain

8 x 10" Oil on Panel

It's been raining here for over 2 weeks, and the
reflections are everywhere all the time.  The real
word is 'relief' though, amid summer droughts,
never complaining about rain in Texas.

Christmas Bear

6 x 8" Oil on Panel
A 'happy stuffy' picture, in the planning
for months, whose time had come.

Happy Boy

Small pencil portrait of a smiling boy.

Grazing Friends

8 x 10" Oil on panel
Grazing longhorns near Llano TX.

Night Reflections

8 x 10" Oil on panel                 

An almost dark painting of the Oriental section of the
Botanical Garden at Zilker Park in Austin.  Started this
awhile ago, but needed a better perspective, so it has
been renovated...then finished today.  The wispy plants
on the left were tricky, the blue reflections worked.

Angela's Girls

16 x 20"  Oil on canvas       Sold

I had the pleasure of painting this portrait
of two of the most beautiful little sisters.
While I was painting the baby's face,
well both of their faces really, I felt like
I was painting faces of dolls, unreal.
Thank you, Angela for this opportunity!

Slide Show of Resident Painters and Their Work

This is a short slide show of my resident students and
their work during my Residential Art Program.  The 
degree of focus and productivity that these participants
display is awesome, especially considering the limits to 
transcend at this point of their lives. The paintings that 
emerged showed sensitivity, persistence and an 
incredible degree of real talent. 

Under a Spanish Roof

5 x 7"  Oil on panel  
This type of scene is so commonplace around the
area of my home and invited me for a second look.

Water Garden

8 x 6" Oil on panel

This just looks cool on this hot day and
the temp felt cooler looking at it &
painting it.  So, yay, Zilker Botanical
to the rescue.

Summer Blooms

6 x 8" Oil on panel                    Sold *

I found a photograph of a bunch of white lilacs gathered
and set out.  No time like the present for the making of
a painting.  Poor photo of an otherwise bright painting.

Simple Things

5 x 7"  Oil on board              Sold
Little still life with one of my favorite plates, bowl and



Small Town Summer

6 x 8" Oil on panel                  Sold
From a photo of my hometown, Herminie, in southwestern
PA.  The small mining town is usually so quiet that the
biggest commotion is when the wind blows.

Blanco River Heat Wave

6 x 8"  Oil on panel -  Sold *
Even with the river down from the recent heat wave
here, it still shows beautiful compositions around any
bend or turn.

Texas Capitol Rotunda

20 x 16" Oil on canvas
This is an older painting that I re-worked
to clarify some things and brighten it up
a little.  What'ya think?

Grape Espresso

6 x 8" Oil on panel          NFS *
Back to my espresso series, finding a little repetition
 fun.  I could go on and on with this one. Poor
photo, bright picture.

Opening Up

6 x 8" Oil on panel            Sold*
Magnolia's are almost finished here, but a few are
still blooming.

Magnolia Bud

6 x 8"  Oil on panel            Sold

The magnificent magnolia has made its lovely display
here and is still a new site for me, being from the north.
The bud begins like a cocoon with its many layers.

Pink Peonies

6 x 8" Oil on panel                   Private Collection
Peonies have such splendor and they don't last very
long so it's good to capture the way they look in bloom.

Plate and Apricots

5 x 7"  Oil on Panel  Private Collection
A still life study in reflections on a
dark glass table.

Tennessee River Mist

8 x 10"  Oil on panel,  Sold
From a photo I'd taken from a bridge between
Memphis and Nashville.

Apple Study

6 x 8" Oil on board
A race with time painting the bright white pulp of the
apple before the fading starts turning it to brown.

Day's Last Glimmer

6 x 8" Oil on board
The end of the day and the light is fading fast on
the Greenbelt trail.  The different lighting tempted
me to try and portray the awe that seems to last
only a few minutes before it's totally dark.


6 x 8" Oil on board        
Barton Creek at the last light of the day.  There are
lots of shades of greens and blues on this painting
that do not show on the photo, even though it's
enhanced, just saying.

Easy Does It

8 x 6" Oil on panel
This was originally painted for a DailyPaintWorks
Challenge and reminds me of my Grandma Baba's
chickens, hopping around and fluttering their
wings about something or other.  Good memories
coming in handy in conveying the personality
behind the portrait.

Christmas in May

4 x 6" Oil on panel          NFS
Study in red and green.

Strawberry Espresso

6 x 8" Oil on gessoed panel
This painting was so unlike my usual, but I got this idea
and had to try it.  Just so simple looking but became a
complicated feat indeed...good, something to practice.

Round Vase

6 x 8" Oil on board               
This is my painting of the day, setting up some of my
older handthrown pottery as subject matter. 

On The Ground

8 x 10" Pencil
An Grad school Drawing assignment to
draw what you see on the ground.

Ready For Rain

8 x 10" Pencil
Sketchbook - Arkansas River, Pine Bluff.

Long Road

8 x 10" Pen & Ink; Pencil
Down the country road from Limerick Hill, PA.

Adding Highlights

8 x 10" Pencil & Pen
Amusing myself at Phillip Pelusi's.

Lunch Munch

8 x 10" Pen & Wash
In the park, Saturday afternoon, White
Hall AR.

Wild Mushroom

8 x 9"  Pencil Drawing
Exactly the way this wild AR mushroom looks. 

In The Park

8 x 10" Ink &Watercolor Wash
Painted in a sub bleached park in White Hall AR
while living and working in Pine Bluff, nearby.


8 x 10" Ink Wash
An impromptu chance to practice a figure study of Carl
who was sitting in front of me in Grad School Drawing
class, UA Little Rock.

Misty Day

8 x 10 " Pen & Ink with Watercolor Wash
Bleak winter day for Herminie and Keystone Rd. PA.

Sunday Afternoon

x 10" Pencil Drawing
A true "stumbled upon" along the Colorado
River on Red Bud Isle, Austin TX.

Winding Stream

8 x 10" Pen and Ink with Watercolor
'Every Day is a Winding Stream' shows my rendition
of a rural PA winter scene.

Standing Guard

8 x 10 Pencil Drawing
While waiting to give someone a ride somewhere.

Rocky Cove

8 x 10" Pen, Ink and Wash
Lake Rayburn, TX.

Three Horses

8 x 10" Pen and Ink Drawing
Value and composition study for a painting, Spicewood
Springs ranch, Austin.

Summer Porch

 8 x 10 Pen & Ink wash

St Edward's Park Falls

5 x 7"  Pen and Ink Drawing
Value  and composition study.

Lagoon Study

8 x 10" Pen and Ink Drawing/Value Study
I have this cool marker-like pen with water soluble ink,
found in the AR Art Store...just add water for a wash.
The all essential value study, backbone of visuals.

Jar With Fruit

6 x 8" Oil on panel                    Sold
A small grouping of fruit and pottery.

Indian Paintbrush

8 x 10"   Oil on panel        Sold

Germany Challenge

5 x 7" Oil on card    NFS
This was painted for a weekly challenge
I found on  Fun.

Still Life With Copper Pot

 8 x 10"  Oil on panel       Sold