High School Pear

5 x 7"  Oil on board
My subject pear in the Math lab,
New Tech High School, Manor, TX.

Flower Binge

5 x 7"  Oil on board                 Sold

Flowering quince and forsythia are like sister plants,
they're both bushes, both blossoms are so much alike,
both warm pastel colors.

First Blooms

7 x 5"  Oil on board           Sold
I'm using a new kind of  board that is a
plywood with foam adhered to it to deter
warping, then a sealer / primer  applied,
with several coats of sanded gesso over
the whole thing.  I like it because it's very
lightweight, sturdy and almost an inch
thick, fitting well within the frame.  It
looks and feels good, we'll see.

Medley d'Art

12 x 12" Oil on canvas   Sold         

A painting from Qiang Huang's workshop last month,
in Cedar Park.  It was a wonderful experience getting
a lot of help and direction - I'll go again.

Leaning for the Light

7 x 5"  Oil on board
This is a little vignette of  a geranium
sturdy enough in its pot to lean out for
a better light, or maybe just a better
view out of the window. ; )