A Studious Break

18 x 24 Watercolor on Archival Paper

40th St. Lawrenceville Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA.
..someone on his way to school still enjoying a

bit of dreamtime.

Flower Vendor


11 x 15" Watercolor on Archival Paper
Flower Stand on 84th Street, NYC.

North Side View

12 x 18" Watercolor on Archival Board  Sold

A view of the Pittsburgh PA's,"The Point" of 

three rivers from the north side of town.

Early Autumn Evening

21 x 29" Watercolor on Archival Paper
An painting of an evening in the Laurel
Mountains, PA.

Wildflowers & Cactus

4 x 5" Oil on panel

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin.

Mayfield Park

3 x 5" Oil on Panel
Mayfield Park in Austin, TX.

Bayou Sunset

6 x 9" Oil on canvas board
A dynamic sunset in central Arkansas.

Zilker Rose Garden

8 x 10, Oil on canvas board  Sold
Rose Garden, Zilker Botanical Gardens,
Austin TX.


7 x "9 Oil on canvas board
The Alamo, San Antonio, TX.
Private Collection