12 x 18 Watercolor


Althea Tree

8 x 10"  Watercolor      Sold

Side Road

11 x 14" Watercolor     Sold
SW PA rural farm scene.

Christmas Birds


4 x 5" Watercolor   NFS
A small holiday whimsy of cheer.

Gate of Blossoms

11" x 14" Watercolor

Lake Sunrise

11" x 14" Watercolor
A little different style, more an impression
of the scene than a realistic interpretation.

Rainy Day

5 x 7" Watercolor  Sold

As a Child Sees

5 x 7" Watercolor

Private Collection


11" x 14" Watercolor
These are Pennsylvania horses.

Fall Sunset

11 x 14" Watercolor

Red Umbrella

11 x 14" Watercolor        Sold
After a usual spring rain in Squirrel Hill, PA

Fall Reflections

5" x 7" Watercolor

Water's Edge

11" x 14" Watercolor

Model Waverly

11" x 14" Pastel
A practice painting for portrait
class with Eve Larson. Highly
Recommended! A great class
and lots of fun.

Mission San Jose Entrance

12" x 12" Oil on canvas    Sold
The 1700 architectural facade on the west entrance
to Mission San Jose in San Antonio, TX.

Cypress on the Water

5 x 7" Oil   Private Collection
The impressive size and strength 
of the cypress with its massive and
tenacious trunk.This tree is on 
Lady Bird Lake in Austin.


8" x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel

Stormy Sunset

8" x 10" Oil, Canvas PanelSold

Stately Stands

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8" x 10" Oil

Portrait of two peacocks on the grounds of
Mayfield Park, Austin.

Bluebonnets for Breakfast

8" x 10" Oil on canvas board

Portrait Practice

12" x 18" Pastel on Archival Paper
A portrait study from a recent class on portraiture.
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