Round Vase

6 x 8" Oil on board               
This is my painting of the day, setting up some of my
older handthrown pottery as subject matter. 

On The Ground

8 x 10" Pencil
An Grad school Drawing assignment to
draw what you see on the ground.

Ready For Rain

8 x 10" Pencil
Sketchbook - Arkansas River, Pine Bluff.

Long Road

8 x 10" Pen & Ink; Pencil
Down the country road from Limerick Hill, PA.

Adding Highlights

8 x 10" Pencil & Pen
Amusing myself at Phillip Pelusi's.

Lunch Munch

8 x 10" Pen & Wash
In the park, Saturday afternoon, White
Hall AR.

Wild Mushroom

8 x 9"  Pencil Drawing
Exactly the way this wild AR mushroom looks. 

In The Park

8 x 10" Ink &Watercolor Wash
Painted in a sub bleached park in White Hall AR
while living and working in Pine Bluff, nearby.


8 x 10" Ink Wash
An impromptu chance to practice a figure study of Carl
who was sitting in front of me in Grad School Drawing
class, UA Little Rock.

Misty Day

8 x 10 " Pen & Ink with Watercolor Wash
Bleak winter day for Herminie and Keystone Rd. PA.

Sunday Afternoon

x 10" Pencil Drawing
A true "stumbled upon" along the Colorado
River on Red Bud Isle, Austin TX.

Winding Stream

8 x 10" Pen and Ink with Watercolor
'Every Day is a Winding Stream' shows my rendition
of a rural PA winter scene.

Standing Guard

8 x 10 Pencil Drawing
While waiting to give someone a ride somewhere.

Rocky Cove

8 x 10" Pen, Ink and Wash
Lake Rayburn, TX.

Three Horses

8 x 10" Pen and Ink Drawing
Value and composition study for a painting, Spicewood
Springs ranch, Austin.

Summer Porch

 8 x 10 Pen & Ink wash

St Edward's Park Falls

5 x 7"  Pen and Ink Drawing
Value  and composition study.

Lagoon Study

8 x 10" Pen and Ink Drawing/Value Study
I have this cool marker-like pen with water soluble ink,
found in the AR Art Store...just add water for a wash.
The all essential value study, backbone of visuals.

Jar With Fruit

6 x 8" Oil on panel                    Sold
A small grouping of fruit and pottery.

Indian Paintbrush

8 x 10"   Oil on panel        Sold

Germany Challenge

5 x 7" Oil on card    NFS
This was painted for a weekly challenge
I found on  Fun.

Still Life With Copper Pot

 8 x 10"  Oil on panel       Sold

Two Strawberries

5 x 7"  Oil on Canvas

Quiet Mission

6 x 8"  Oil on Panel

Painting near 31st Street,
Austin, on a Sunday afternoon,  
never bored.

Vinegar Bottle and Fruit

8 x 10" Oil on Panel                   Sold

Burford Holly

5 x 7" Oil on Panel             Sold *