Happy Boy

Small pencil portrait of a smiling boy.

Grazing Friends

8 x 10" Oil on panel
Grazing longhorns near Llano TX.

Night Reflections

8 x 10" Oil on panel                 

An almost dark painting of the Oriental section of the
Botanical Garden at Zilker Park in Austin.  Started this
awhile ago, but needed a better perspective, so it has
been renovated...then finished today.  The wispy plants
on the left were tricky, the blue reflections worked.

Angela's Girls

16 x 20"  Oil on canvas       Sold

I had the pleasure of painting this portrait
of two of the most beautiful little sisters.
While I was painting the baby's face,
well both of their faces really, I felt like
I was painting faces of dolls, unreal.
Thank you, Angela for this opportunity!