Tennessee River Mist

8 x 10"  Oil on panel,  Sold
From a photo I'd taken from a bridge between
Memphis and Nashville.

Apple Study

6 x 8" Oil on board
A race with time painting the bright white pulp of the
apple before the fading starts turning it to brown.

Day's Last Glimmer

6 x 8" Oil on board
The end of the day and the light is fading fast on
the Greenbelt trail.  The different lighting tempted
me to try and portray the awe that seems to last
only a few minutes before it's totally dark.


6 x 8" Oil on board        
Barton Creek at the last light of the day.  There are
lots of shades of greens and blues on this painting
that do not show on the photo, even though it's
enhanced, just saying.

Easy Does It

8 x 6" Oil on panel
This was originally painted for a DailyPaintWorks
Challenge and reminds me of my Grandma Baba's
chickens, hopping around and fluttering their
wings about something or other.  Good memories
coming in handy in conveying the personality
behind the portrait.

Christmas in May

4 x 6" Oil on panel          NFS
Study in red and green.

Strawberry Espresso

6 x 8" Oil on gessoed panel
This painting was so unlike my usual, but I got this idea
and had to try it.  Just so simple looking but became a
complicated feat indeed...good, something to practice.