Blanco River Heat Wave

6 x 8"  Oil on panel -  Sold *
Even with the river down from the recent heat wave
here, it still shows beautiful compositions around any
bend or turn.

Texas Capitol Rotunda

20 x 16" Oil on canvas
This is an older painting that I re-worked
to clarify some things and brighten it up
a little.  What'ya think?

Grape Espresso

6 x 8" Oil on panel          NFS *
Back to my espresso series, finding a little repetition
 fun.  I could go on and on with this one. Poor
photo, bright picture.

Opening Up

6 x 8" Oil on panel            Sold*
Magnolia's are almost finished here, but a few are
still blooming.

Magnolia Bud

6 x 8"  Oil on panel            Sold

The magnificent magnolia has made its lovely display
here and is still a new site for me, being from the north.
The bud begins like a cocoon with its many layers.

Pink Peonies

6 x 8" Oil on panel                   Private Collection
Peonies have such splendor and they don't last very
long so it's good to capture the way they look in bloom.

Plate and Apricots

5 x 7"  Oil on Panel  Private Collection
A still life study in reflections on a
dark glass table.