A Bountiful Harvest

16 x 24" Watercolor

Off the Texas Coast

5 x 7" Oil on Canvas board

Lime & Apple Refliections

5" x 7"
Oil Painting on Canvas Covered Ampersand Board

Koi Garden

5" x 7"
Oil Painting on Canvas Covered Ampersand Gesso Board

Quiet Morning

5 x 7 Oil on Ampersand Gesso Board

Almost Dark

20" x 18"  Acrylic on Gesso Board

No this is not a funnel cloud actually, just a creative sunset caught in motion.

Letters From Home

18 x 24"   Acrylic on Gesso Board
This work was definitely 'a Take On a
Different Drummer'

Five Cows

16 x 34" Oil on Gessoboard

I had to paint these cows but oh my, those expressions...
So i did my best and it worked out fairly well, but it
felt like they were judging me. lol.
(The one on the far right is like, "Who are those guys
and why are they in my field...?")


18 x 24"  Acrylic on canvas   - Private Collection

The real color on the painting is more vibrant than
this photo, I love the naturally bright coral color of the
Quince bush, with the dark, almost black branches.
Hope the painting did it some justice. Shown @ the
FlightPath Coffee House on 51st & Duval, 5/30-7/1/'15.

Leaving the Coast

16 x 20"  Oil on plastic canvas -  Private Collection

With darkness fast approaching I caught a cool
photo of this high contrast scene behind me.
Leaving the SE  Texas coast from Mustang Island.

Stevie Ray

48 x 30" ~ Acrylic on Double Supported Canvas
Property of the Artist
My rendition of Stevie Ray in concert.  Painted as an
experiment, as most of my work is, but with a definite
vision of the finished piece.  The color here is not 100%
accurate, jeez I need to figure out how to use this
camera! but gives a decent idea of the appearance.

Sugar Maple Grove

8 x 10"  Oil on Canvas
A redo from an older watercolor of the same subject,
interesting to switch media and see the different effects.

In Season

A 5 x 7" watercolor painting of a special memory picking
blueberries with my friend just outside of Houston.  
Private Collection

Good To Go

8 x 10 Oil.  This is how they really grow, upside down, new to this
northeastern transplant!   Private Collection

Birds On Wires

Snapped this perky scene about a block from where I live,
stopped at a traffic light right before noon.
Either a committee meeting or waiting in line to vote.


9" x 12", Watercolor
This is a take done from a lesson in a UA grad school drawing course.  The focus was on line and form on paper with text integrated  -  color was permitted which blurred the lines, literally (in a good way) between drawing and painting.  Subject inspired by a southern bayou in the late evening light.

Independence Day

5 x 7"  Oil on panel          Sold
This was fun to paint on this holiday.  Catching up on
some of these plans that I wait for 'someday' to do.
It's true the time must be carved out.

Orange Pansies

5 x 7"  Oil on panel                Sold
This is the first year I've really noticed these orange
pansies.  Germany's regulatory board approved them
to be used for health benefits, and they're edible.  I, uh,
 haven't tried that - yet. But they do look good enough
to eat.


5" x 7"  Oil on board
Variation on the traditional still life theme.

Poppies In The Yard

5 x 7"  Oil on board   Sold
Painted in the Georgetown TX poppy season.

A Bowl of Cheer

5 x 7 Oil on panel   Private Collection              
Spring comes bearing gifts everyday.

Late Spring

5 x 7"  Oil on board          
I haven't posted for ever, busy with a month long
exhibit for my painters, and teaching. But glimpses of
these roadside scenes catch me still.

Fence-Row Poppies

5 x 7" Oil on board                 Sold
Lots of wildflowers here this spring because of the rain.
Each turn of the bend, a new painting comes into view.

Flower Binge

5 x 7"  Oil on board                 Sold

Flowering quince and forsythia are like sister plants,
they're both bushes, both blossoms are so much alike,
both warm pastel colors.

First Blooms

7 x 5"  Oil on board           Sold
I'm using a new kind of  board that is a
plywood with foam adhered to it to deter
warping, then a sealer / primer  applied,
with several coats of sanded gesso over
the whole thing.  I like it because it's very
lightweight, sturdy and almost an inch
thick, fitting well within the frame.  It
looks and feels good, we'll see.

Medley d'Art

12 x 12" Oil on canvas   Sold         

A painting from Qiang Huang's workshop last month,
in Cedar Park.  It was a wonderful experience getting
a lot of help and direction - I'll go again.

Leaning for the Light

7 x 5"  Oil on board
This is a little vignette of  a geranium
sturdy enough in its pot to lean out for
a better light, or maybe just a better
view out of the window. ; )

A Spring Mix

5 x 7"  Oil on panel          Sold

With forsythia in bloom and cyclamen so bright and
perky, it is hard to resist spending time with these
creatures that have as a primary purpose to be
lovely and  beautiful.